About Us

BACCHUS PHARMA was established in year 2002. In this tenure Company has seen many ups & downs but our people worked very hard to get the company reach at this level today. Now we are marketing our products in INDIA but very soon we will step into the EXPORTS & operations abroad.

In ancient Greece and Rome BACCHUS is a god of wine. In art, Bacchus is represented as a curly-haired child. In painting, Bacchus is often depicted eating a bunch of grapes and surrounded by satyrs.The Temple of BACCHUS was one of the three main temples at a large complex in Classical Antiquity, at Baalbek in Lebanon. The temple was dedicated to BACCHUS (also known as Dionysus), the Roman god of wine, but was traditionally referred to by Neoclassical visitors as the "Temple of the Sun". It is considered one of the best preserved Roman temples in the world. It is larger than the Parthenon in Greece, though much less famous.

We in BACCHUS PHARMA are marketing medicinal products which cover almost all the specilities of doctors,

Quality Policy

We believe in marketing good quality products which are tested in quality control laboratorieswhich are fully equipped with state of art instruments like high performance liquid chromatography system(WATERS), Gas chromatography system(HP), ultraviolet spectrophotometers(SHIMADZU), Infra red (PE) & other laboratory instruments.